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  • Luxurious resorts by the water
  • Experience the beach feeling
  • Unique locations in The Netherlands

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Would you like to relax during a wonderful beach holiday? If so, you have come to the right place at Beach Resorts. You will spend the night with us in luxurious accommodations, such as apartments, bungalows and villas. And those are located at luxurious holiday resorts in unique locations in the Netherlands! Our resorts are ideal for water sports enthusiasts. From our parks, you can walk straight onto the beach of the IJsselmeer or the Ursemmerplas. Thousands of satisfied guests have preceded you. At which Beach Resorts resort will you spend your holiday?


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Beach Resorts Makkum
Netherlands - Friesland

Fancy a luxurious holiday on the beach in the Netherlands? Then Makkum is the right place for you! Our resort is located near the IJsselmeer in Friesland.

Beach Resort Noorderduyn
The Netherlands - North Holland

Discover Beach Resorts Noorderduyn

The resorts of Beach Resorts:

    Luxurious accommodations

    At Beach Resorts you spend the night in luxurious accommodations. Our range includes apartments and villas.

    By the water

    Our resorts are located right by the water, making them perfect for a beach vacation, surfing vacation, or fishing vacation.

    Special locations

    The resorts from Beach Resorts are located in special locations by the water, such as the IJsselmeer and the Ursemmerplas.


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Beach Resorts

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