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bungalow rental

Comfortable bungalow rental

  • Bungalows by the water
  • Can be booked with a jetty
  • For a up to six persons

Spend the night in a comfortable bungalow by the water

Spending the night in a comfortable bungalow at Beach Resorts. Our bungalows can accommodate up to 6 people and are therefore ideal for a holiday with family or friends. Your dog is also welcome in some of our accommodations. All our bungalows are located by the water, are spacious (100 to 110 m²) and have a large garden. With us, you can choose different types of bungalows, such as semi-detached, detached or ground-level bungalows. In addition, Beach Resorts gives you several options to choose from. For example, would you like to bring your own boat on your holiday? If so, check out our bungalows with a jetty. Prefer to stay the night with private wellness? If that's the case, discover ourbungalows with sauna. At Beach Resorts, there is a perfect bungalow for everyone.

The bungalows of Beach Resorts:

    On the waterside
    Luxury bungalows
    For a up to six persons
    Wellness facilities are optional

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