Beach Resorts
Summer holiday by the water

Celebrate summer by the water

  • Luxurious accommodations
  • For up to 10 persons
  • On the waterside

Celebrate the summer holidays together by the water

A summer holiday is not complete without a wonderful dive in the water. At Beach Resorts, you will find several resorts with accommodations right by the water. Ideal if you want to cool off in the water or practice one of the many water sports. At Beach Resorts you will stay in a luxurious apartment, bungalow, hotel room or villa. You will do this together with your family, friends, relatives and even your dog. A total of 10 people can stay the night by the water during the summer holiday at Beach Resorts. Our accommodations can be booked with various options such as a jetty for your boat or with wellness. Enjoy your summer holiday at Beach Resorts.

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